Tying Your Marketing Funnel Together (Pictures Included!)

Integrating Your Leadpages with GetResponse

When someone lands on your opt-in page and enters their email address, how do you capture that person as a lead?

To do this, we need to integrate our Leadpages (landing page) with GetResponse (Our autoresponder).

Then when someone enters their email address on your opt-in page, it will automatically be stored in a database within your autoresponder and will allow you to follow up with that lead in the future to give them information about your offer.

This is very simple to do but first if you have not set up your GetResponse and Leadpages accounts, do so now.

==> Here are the links for Leadpages and GetResponse

If you need help setting up these accounts, check out the articles below that walk you through each step.

Setting up Leadpages

Setting up GetResponse

First, log into Leadpages and open GetResponse in another tab.

In Leadpages, click the drop-down arrow at the top right of the page by your account name and click on “Integrations.”

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Click on the “GetResponse” icon.

getresponse, integrations, leadpage integrations, integrating your autoresponser

Now you will be asked to enter your GetResponse API Key.  What the API Key does is allow the two softwares to “speak” to one another directly.

To locate your API key, click over to the tab where GetResponse is open and click the drop-down arrow by “My Account” in the top right corner > click on “Integrations”.

getresponse, integrations, autoresponder integration, API key, api

On the left hand side, click on “API and OAuth”.  You will then see your default API Key.

API, API key, getresponse api, default api, getresponse default api

You will want to highlight and copy your API Key and then go back over to Leadpages.

Paste your API Key back into the box and then hit “Connect”.

leadpages connect, connect api key to leadpages

This may take a minute, but once it is complete you will see the confirmation.

getresponse api, leadpages api, integrating your autoresponder to your landing page


Now Leadpages is able to “speak” to your GetResponse account when someone opts-in to your landing page.

I hope this was helpful to you!

Keep an eye out for articles on creating a landing page and setting up your tracking, which is crucial…

From Sunny Austin, Texas