Top 5 Free Traffic Sources in 2017

Whether you are a seasoned affiliate marketer of just trying to land your first commission, it is inevitable that you need traffic to promote your affiliate offers to.

Here are the top 5 sources to generate free traffic in 2017:

1. YouTube

YouTube is the the second largest search engine on the planet.  People go to YouTube to find answers to almost any question they have, and there are always videos that answer those questions.  YouTube videos also get good search engine rankings.

I recommend creating your own YouTube channel and post videos that will attract your target demographic.  These videos do not have to be long, and they can be anything from a simple “tips” style video to product reviews and so on.  Over time, and as you create more videos you will see more and more views rolling in and you will start to gain a following.  People also have the option to subscribe to your channel to receive updates every time you post a new video.

Building such a following will create an excellent base of people to promote your affiliate offers to, and as you build trust with your audience they will be more and more likely to click your affiliate links.

2. Facebook

Facebook fan pages and Facebook groups present a great opportunity for internet marketers.  Niche specific groups have a huge amount of highly targeted visitors.

If you join such Facebook groups and provide some good value, it will help you start to position yourself as an authority within your niche and will also build trust with group members.  You will then want to incorporate links in your posts that go to your videos, offers, and blog.

3. Blogging 

Blogging have been working in affiliate marketers’ favor for years and will continue to be a consistent traffic source for years to come, no matter what some people say.

I recommend always creating a basic blog around any niche that you get into online.  Your success hinges on your ability to deliver valuable content to your readers and you can also incorporate an opt-in form to gain subscribers to your email list.  You can also embed links to your videos and promote affiliate offers on your blog and within your articles themselves.

4. Pinterest

There is a large amount of traffic floating around on Pinterest and it seems to be growing recently.  You can use this platform for each of your affiliate niche sites by promoting content and related images.

Good images can be linked back to your blog and videos to create more buzz around your brand.

5. Forums

Forums can be a great way to again get highly targeted traffic to your website.  You know that everyone in that forum is interested and engaged in whatever niche you may be trying to get into.

You can personally interact with people within the forum and creating value for people, and again link back to your website.


Snapchat and Instagram are great sources of traffic as well, you will just need to be creative and come up with ways to promote your information and products on these platforms.


With YouTube and your Blog, you really want to focus on putting out content every single day for the first 30-60 days.  This will help you quickly grow your following and Google also loves this when it comes to search engine ranking.

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Until next time!