Creating Your Landing Page (Opt-In Page, Squeeze Page)

As an marketer, we want to build an email list as we promote our affiliate offers.  As they say, “The Money is in the List!”

The best way to do this is by having a “squeeze page” that we use to capture our visitors email address, which then allows us to periodically follow up with them to provide value and promote our offers.

If you have not yet seen the diagram, check out this article that outlines each step of setting up our marketing funnel.

Also, if you do not yet know how to set up your domain name, hosting, your WordPress site and custom email address (that matches your domain) click here for the guide.

Now that you are ready to move forward, assuming you are following along after reading the two above articles, you will want to get your opt-in page set up.

The software that I recommend is called Leadpages.

Leadpages allows you to build these pages with an extremely simple to use, drag-and-drop platform.

(If you follow my YouTube channel, I will be posting a video on exactly how to create your first Leadpage)

The standard plan would work for a complete beginner, but I recommend getting the pro plan.  With the pro plan, you are able to split test your landing pages to see which are converting the best.  Split testing is essentially using two or more different landing page variations, ads, etc. at the same time to see which performs the best.

To get Leadpages for yourself, click here.  The investment is definitely worth it and makes this step of the process very easy.

Once you integrate your autoresponder with your Leadpage, you will be able to start building your email list to promote your offers to and start generating commissions.


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From Sunny Austin, Texas!
-Tim Roberts