Your Autoresponder – The Bread and Butter of Email Marketing

Your opt-in page is set up, great!  Now you will be able to start collecting email addresses to provide your subscribers with valuable information over time.

This is where your autoresponder comes into play..


This software allows you to set up an email sequence that will automatically be sent to your subscribers on specified days and times.


First of all if you have not set up your Leadpages account yet, do so now.


You can refer back to the email where I explained how to get your Leadpages account here.



I recommend an autoresponder software called GetResponse, for a few reasons.


Email Deliverability: 

GetReponse takes great care of their servers and they keep spam marketers out.  This allows emails from this software to be more likely to end up in the recipients inbox instead of their spam folder.




They offer much cheaper options than most other autoresponders out there, along with a 30 day trial.  This speaks for itself, try it for 30 days and simply cancel if you need.  This allows you to get a feel for how it works and what you can do with it.


Features and Functions:


Split testing is a necessary function for any marketer, and GetResponse provides an easy to navigate platform to help split test your email autoresponder sequence.


 To start all you need is the smallest plan, which you can slowly bump up as your list grows.


You will also need to activate your account through your email after your initial sign up.


Get your 30 day trial now with GetResponse and take a look around.


Keep an eye out for my next article, where I will show you step-by-step (with pictures) how to integrate GetResponse with your Leadpage and start growing your email list.


 As always from Sunny Austin, Texas