First Steps to Setting Up Your Marketing Funnel: Domain Name and Hosting

The first crucial step with online marketing is to have the basic understanding of the marketing funnel…  Refer back to my marketing funnel overview here.

Our marketing funnel allows us to gain leads through an opt-in form, usually by providing their email address (More to follow on this).  Once we have someone’s email address, we can follow up with them to provide valuable content and offer them relevant products that will allow us to make commissions.

Once you decide on a niche or a certain product that you want to promote, you can tailor your opt-in page page to suit that niche/offer.

– You will first want to purchase a domain for your site (I recommend GoDaddy, they have excellent customer service if you ever need anything).  You can also purchase your domain right through HostGator, see below.

– The second step to getting your funnel up and running is to get hosting for your site.  Providers such as HostGator “host” your domain on a server so that your site can become live and view-able on the internet.  For now, you only need the basic plan which is extremely cheap.
HostGator Web Hosting
Until next time, sit down and think about about what type of products you want to promote.  As an example if you are into fitness, a fitness/strength training/ weight loss offer may be good for you since you have background knowledge.  You will also want to think of a domain name that is congruent with what you will be promoting.

Once you purchase your domain and hosting, we will be able to walk through the steps to get your website up and running.


Talk to you soon!

-Tim Roberts