Tracking is ESSENTIAL to Online Marketing

Learn How Tracking Will Save You Tons of Time and Advertising Dollars in the Long Run

Tracking each step of your marketing funnel will allow you to determine which parts are converting the best and where you need to improve.

You definitely want to incorporate tracking if you are paying for traffic, whether if be solo ads, Google ads, or Facebook ads, but you should also track your free traffic sources.

The tracking tool that I am about to recommend is very effective because it allows you to track split testing, filters our bot traffic for a more “true” representation, and even allows you to set up custom tracking domains.

This Software is Called ClickMagick

==> Click Here to go to ClickMagick

You will see a page that looks like this..

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If you are just starting online, the starter plan should be plenty for now , and you can also pay for a monthly subscription instead of annual.

What you get with ClickMagick:

Tracking Links – You can create individual tracking links, that redirect to you desired destination.  An example of where these are useful would be to give to solo ad providers or a YouTube video, and each link click will be tracked (both total clicks and unique clicks)

Rotator Links – These links work best for your download buttons and allow for split testing.  You can add multiple URL’s and the link will randomly and evenly take visitors to each URL, such as your affiliate offers, so that you can see which ones are converting the best.

Conversion Tracking – You can add pixels to each URL, and when someone purchases through your link ClickMagick will show your revenue.

Training – Provided for every single aspect on the software.  They show you step by step how to track everything along your funnel.

And much more… Check it out to see what all is offered.

Like I said before, utilizing a tracking system will pay for itself over and over again.

Click Here to Go Straight to the ClickMagick Guide

ClickMagick Offers a 14-Day Risk-Free Trial

Take advantage of this.

Sign up at the same time you do the rest of your funnel so that you can get the most out of the software.  If you do not like it at the end of the trial, simply cancel, no questions asked.

Take a peek around and see how you can benefit.


How to Generate Leads Through Free Traffic Sources

What you should be using instead of paid traffic-

  • Youtube Videos
  • Facebook
  • Forums
  • Google Alerts

 Youtube Videos:

This is more time consuming but you want to create a series of videos that deliver great content.  If possible, making a 3 video series will cause more viewers to watch all 3, yet you have a similar pitch and affiliate product in/with each.  This gives you triple the chance of conversion.  Deliver great content and get subscribers.


Creating great posts on Facebook will promote shares, especially if you target the emotions of your readers.

Another good way to utilize this platform is to join multiple groups in your niche and get in contact with individuals.  Posts to the whole group work well if done properly but many users overlook those posts since people are always trying to sell something to them especially in large groups.  If you can connect with 5 to 10 individuals and truly provide them value and success, then they will most definitely share what they learned and your link with another 5 to 10 people, and so on…


Forums are a great way to target your niche audience without a lot of the bullshit that you get on Facebook.  Most of the time you can sort forum posts by the amount of views they have.  Looks at the ones with the most views and create a subject line that reflects similar wording.

You can also connect with individuals here and provide value for them.  Spend a little extra time with each person and your efforts will go much further…trust me on this.

 Google Alerts:

When you sign up for Google Alerts, you can select certain keywords and searches related to your niche.  Google will then provide an alert (usually once daily) with links to brand new articles pertaining to the keywords you selected.  You can just on these articles and provide some value and leave your link in the comment section.  Your comment will then remain as the first comment readers see after the article.  This will pay off indefinitely down the road if the article becomes popular and shared.

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Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing

One of the most basic and simple ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing.

So what is affiliate marketing:

Simply put, you promote other people’s products and when someone purchases through your affiliate link you make a commission!

There are many ways to do this.  Most marketers either have a blog or opt-in page where people can subscribe to their newsletter/email list.  The marketer then periodically follows up by providing valuable content to their readers and includes links to different affiliate products.

I recommend taking a look at Affilorama, where you can join a community of like minded individuals for FREE!  They also have a lot of free training and insight on how to get started and be successful with anything related to making money online.

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I have also created a step by step program that walks you though setting up your own marketing funnel where you can promote affiliate products and start generating an income online without spending any money.

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Until next time!